Famed Economist Cautions Investors: 70% Drop In The Stock Market Coming

My Dear Friend,

October 10th & 11th we saw the stock market drop 1,300 points or 5% during those 2 days. That’s child’s play compared to what is coming!

August 23rd. of this years (2018), the stock market surpassed the previous record bull market of nearly 10 years. We are now in the longest Bull Market in the history of the United States.


Noted economists and distinguished investors are now warning of a stock market collapse LIKE NO OTHER!

Hear directly from those whose job it is to know. These are the biggest names out there:

  • World famous investor Warren Buffett recently sent a letter to his investors – He urgently warned them, be prepared to lose ½ your money in the upcoming months!
  • Former budget director for the Reagan White House, David Stockman recently raised a red flag when he declared an economic collapse is imminent. He went on to say: “There surely is a doozy just around the bend.”
  • Scott Minerd, Chairman of Investments and Global Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners, warns: “The markets are potentially on a collision course for disaster … once we reach a peak we’ll probably see a 40% retracement in equities.”
  • Paul Tudor Jones, the famed hedge fund manager and founder of The Tudor Group, is credited for calling the October 1987 market crash, now says that while “we have the strongest economy in 40 years … it is unsustainable.”
  • John Hussman, President of Hussman Investment Trust, says that when the market crashes we can expect “a market loss on the order of 60%.”

But there is one distinct warning that should send chills down your spine … that of famed economist Ted Bauman. Bauman and his team correctly predicted the collapse of 1999 and 2007.

Bauman now warns:

“There are three key economic indicators screaming SELL. They don’t imply that a 70% collapse is looming, it’s already at our doorstep.”

And if Bauman calls for a 70% market correction, one should pay heed.

Indeed, over the last three decades he accurately predicted the financial crisis of 2008, the dot.com crash of 2000, the recession of the early 1990s and the 1987 crash.

How Do I Protect Myself Against All This Expected Demise Of The Stock Market

My friend no one knows when the stock market will turn and become a Bear market. But as we get nearer the peak, stocks will continue to be ferociously volatile having huge market swings.

History tells us that the average bear market loss is 51%.

Take a look at this graphic below. In 2008 if you had $500k invested in the stock market, you would have lost 40% of your investment capital.

But if you had hedged your bets and diversified just a small amount of your savings into hard assets, you would have actually made money while everybody else lost their shirts.


As you can see, during the mortgage meltdown those that had allocated 30% to hard assets like gold & silver actually grew their investments while minimizing their losses and protecting their hard earned life savings.

Here Is What You Do Next

The first step is to understand that allocating a small portion of your savings into precious metals will protect your peace of mind, your savings, and give you that safety net you need when the next stock market correction happens.

Step 1.  Download this FREE Guide: Protect Your Savings From A Stock Market Crash. This guide will arm you with the necessary information you need to know on allocating your assets, taking possession, and protecting your savings.


Pick up your phone and call one of our Asset Protection & IRA Specialists for free consultation at (888) 411-4653

They will be able to answer all of your questions.

Step 3. Make your first purchase. Start allocating funds to purchase precious metals and start diversifying your savings.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Those words could not be anymore true than they are today.

Just taking one step towards preventing the loss of your savings will save you countless sleepless nights when the market is in upheaval.

I wish you all the best in your investing.


David Schroeder

Monetary Gold

P.S. My friend don’t forget, the time to prepare for any kind of emergency is beforehand. Don’t make the mistake that many new investors make by idly sitting by and watching the market take your savings once it starts to make corrections.


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