WARNING: Global Currency Digitalization Could Destroy Crypto — By July 21st!

The end of crypto as we know it could come as soon as July 21st – and it could cause a massive flow of capital into gold and precious metals. It could bring with it the biggest, fastest bubble burst in the history of the market. Now’s the time to ditch your crypto assets, if any, and move your assets to safety.

Here’s why:

Governments have a problem.

The governments and central banks of the world’s 20 biggest economies have a problem on their hands: What to do about the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies? A few years ago, when crypto was dominated by a few nerds and cranks operating on the Deep Web, it was little more than a nuisance, and could be safely ignored. Today, things are different: Cryptocurrencies have siphoned hundreds of billions of dollars out of the banking system, out of the traditional economies, and into shadowy global networks and exchanges that are out of their control.

Bankers and governments hate that.

The bankers hate it because they can’t stick you with a hefty surcharge on every transaction, or line their pockets by sitting on overnight float. And increasingly debt-laden and revenue-starved governments hate it because they can’t seize it, tax it or control it. They need to do something about that. And so every G20 member nation has already taken at least exploratory steps to create a national crypto-currency of their own.

Many of them have also moved to severely limit the availability of cash and curb cash transactions. Some have taken key notes out of circulation. Others have outright prohibited cash transactions in some contexts, or pressured banks to do the same. India, for example, no longer allows landlords to accept rent payments in cash.

These are but preliminary steps to the coming crackdown. We don’t need to rely on fringe media outlets for this information. All this has been reported by well-respected mainstream news outlets such as Newsmax, Forbes, Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

The aim: Eliminate untraceable or untaxable transactions, and corral private wealth into online accounts that governments can freeze, confiscate or tax with just a few keystrokes!

The Destruction of Free-Market Crypto

Which brings us to July 21st.

That’s the date of the third and last of a series of G20 conferences, to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at which the cryptocurrency problem is at the top of the agenda. The point of the meeting is to put the final touches on a globally plan to destroy free-market crypto as we know it. Many observers are anticipating a G20-wide ban on crypto trading and mining – a move that is likely to cause an immediate collapse in 99.9 percent of all crypto assets currently in existence.

Free market cryptocurrencies would be quickly wiped out – possibly overnight. Hundreds of billions in wealth would disappear, and crypto aficionados would flee for the exits in panic selling to get out in time. In other words, governments are now setting up the total, complete destruction of an entire asset class. If it comes to pass, it could spark the biggest single asset bubble collapse in market history.

As for investors, the lucky ones may escape with pennies on the dollar.

The smart ones are already buying gold.

A number of necessary preconditions have already come to pass. Goldman Sachs has already created what may become the digital version of the U.S. dollar. They also announced plans to develop cryptocurrencies that will be pegged to other currencies as well – giving the central banks what they want: Complete control over state digital currencies.

Once the free-market cryptocurrencies are safely out of the picture, there will be no competing currencies when governments roll out their own cryptoassets – electronic currencies that they can control and manipulate according to their priorities – not yours.

But it won’t stop there: The digitalization of the dollar and other major currencies has far-reaching applications for your personal privacy and liberty as well:

  • They can shut down your bank accounts based on your private financial decisions.
  • They instantly cut off entire industries from the economy: Think firearms.
  • They can tie your medical records to your spending power. Are you overweight? Diabetic? Federal officials can write code that prevents you from using Social Security benefits to buy a soda or a candy bar.
  • They can tax all wealth or savings, anywhere in the world, regardless of your income.
  • Medicaid recapture programs can seize assets to pay Medicaid debts – or even prevent transfers to asset protection trusts in the first place.
  • They can fine with impunity
  • They can push interest rates to below zero – effectively taxing savers for the privilege of lending out their money.
  • Asset seizures become trivially easy – with or without a warrant.

Once governments spring the trap – you’ll have no escape: All 20 of the world’s biggest economies are in on the scheme.

There’s one thing they still can’t touch, though: Gold and precious metals. As long as you own physical gold or silver, it is nearly impossible for government agents to confiscate it. Furthermore, if you own gold and silver directly, in physical form, no hacker in Russia or North Korea can steal it from you.

Don’t wait for July 21st! If the G20 does make a big move against crypto, the word could leak early. That could spark a general collapse well before the scheduled conference date. Desperate crypto investors will be piling into gold, bidding gold prices up!

Meanwhile, the sudden eradication of hundreds of billions of dollars in crypto assets could cause unpredictable follow-on effects throughout the banking and credit industries. You’re going to want to have a strong position in gold and precious metals – a beacon of stability when markets are at their most chaotic.

We strongly suggest anyone reading this be out of crypto completely as soon as possible. Then reassess as the U.S. and other leading economies complete the process of digitalizing their economies. But it’s imperative that you act now. Before it’s too late.

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Author: Monetary Gold