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Monetary Gold helps Americans attain a truly diversified investment strategy, pursuing portfolio protection in troubled times and growth during times of prosperity. Everyone needs to own gold in this economic climate. But no one should have to pay high commissions to do so. Monetary Gold is here to serve investors and collectors by offering a full range of precious metals products.

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Monetary Gold specializes in helping investors. We have over 50 years of experience.


We help you to protect the purchasing power of your wealth regardless of the political follies.


Gold, Silver and Platinum Government Bullion, to a wide range of Semi-Numismatic U.S. Coins & Foreign Coins.


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Monetary Gold is a BBB accredited business with a consistent A+ rating.

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Many favor purchasing physical gold or silver as a long-term alternative to staying in cash or as a way to diversify your cash assets. Physical gold, such as gold bullion coins or numismatic coins, can be easily stored either at your home in a safe, or in a certified storage facility in a safety deposit box. Exchanging physical gold and the liquidity that it possesses can offer a quick way to convert your gold to cash or pass it on when you feel the time is right. Monetary Gold offers a variety of precious metals.

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Choosing the Right Investment Options


Gold reacts to a different set of market conditions such as safe haven demand in times of political and economic uncertainty and have unique properties because they can be used as currency. Gold has maintained its value over the long-term serving as a hedge against the erosion of the purchasing power of money, known as currency devaluation. Insure your wealth with gold.   Learn More  


Silver and other precious metals, such as gold, have some of the same characteristic advantages: Silver offers diversification to improve overall portfolio balance with tangible assets, silver also hedges against inflation and can safeguard from economic turmoil. For centuries, only gold and silver have shown true intrinsic value assuring a measure of wealth when currencies collapse. With supplies evaporating at an alarming rate, silver significantly increased in value over the last decade and has outperformed gold.   Learn More  


When it comes to purchasing precious metals, platinum is an extremely valuable option to consider. Platinum is considered one of the most precious of metals due to its rarity and essential value in both the economic and automotive industries. An increased demand for the metal has caused the price of platinum to fluctuate rapidly over the past couple of years. Nonetheless, the value of platinum metal remains higher than most other precious metals.   Learn More

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Our highly experienced precious metals specialists can guide you through a simple process of completing the application. Your account will take 48-72 hours to open after processing begins.

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Once your Gold IRA Forms have been completed, you can add a contribution to your Gold IRA or transfer funds from an existing qualified IRA or 401(k).

Acquire Precious Metals

Once you have funded your Gold IRA, you will be contacted by your IRA specialist to complete a purchase order (choosing your precious metals) and then transfer the metals to the selected depository.
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