News Bites There is ‘no limit’ to tyranny under CBDCs; Western democracy is a ‘façade’ – Zuby


According to the Atlantic Council’s CBDC Tracker, 105 countries are exploring adoption of a ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ (CBDC), a digital money that a central bank would control. The United States, for example, is considering a ‘FedCoin’ CBDC.

Author, rapper, and public speaker Zuby is against the idea. “This is a very dangerous technology,” he said. “These technologies can be used to enslave people.”

He pointed to the fact that a CBDC can be used to limit people’s purchases and punish those with dissenting political views.

Zuby spoke with Kitco’s Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Makori, at the FreedomFest 2022 conference in Las Vegas.

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